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Our Services

Air Traffic Services

The main mission of the Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, s. e. is the provision of air traffic services. These services are provided for the purpose of preventing collisions between aircraft, between aircraft and barriers in the manoeuvring area and for maintaining a rapid and orderly flow of air traffic. The most important product of the company is air traffic safety.

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In accordance with law and international civil aviation standards, ANS CR, s. e. provides public air traffic services for the airspace users in the Czech Republic and at Prague - Ruzyně, Brno - Tuřany, Ostrava - Mošnov and Karlovy Vary airports.

This includes the following types of services:

  1. Air Traffic Control service (ATC), includes:
  2. Flight Information Service
  3. Alerting Service (ALRS)
  4. Air Traffic Services Reporting Office

The modern IATCC Jeneč centre, with its technical facilities and level of provided services, belongs to the world's leading providers of air traffic services. This fact, along with the strategic location of the Czech Republic, results in the high popularity and use of the Czech airspace.