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Company profile


The mission of ANS CR is to take part in the provision of cost effective, long-term sustainable aviation navigation services in an environment of evolving functional airspace blocks. In the dynamically evolving air transportation environment, its services are designed to meet the expectations of all users with regard to current and future demand at both the national level and that of the European ATM development context.


ANS CR is a reliable, predictable part of civil aviation in the Czech Republic, whose further dynamic development it actively supports. At the same time, however, it is a confident component of the European integration and liberalization processes in the ATM environment, as part of which its total value and competitiveness will continue to rise.


  • Professional approach
    We are a team of experienced professionals backed by an established system of ongoing education.
  • Maximum value for customers
    We provide our customers with comprehensive services using an optimum price/quality ratio.
  • Customer satisfaction
    We listen to our customers.
  • Focus on key skills
    We focus on the things we do best.
  • Quality partners
    We work together with quality, reliable partners.
  • Innovation
    We keep up with industry trends and work to perfect our solutions and services.
  • Success
    We aim for the top in the development and the quality of our services, comparable to the best providers in the industry.