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Principles of the Integrated Management System - IMS

The Integrated Management System implemented in ANS CR includes: Quality Management (QMS), Safety Management (SMS), Environmental Management (EMS), Security and Information Security Management (SeMS). The maturity level within individual areas of the integrated management system is corresponding to the requirements laid down by relevant stakeholders. The implementation and development of IMS contributes to ensuring and maintaining a high standard of service, management, communication, customer and employee care.

The performance and development objectives of IMS, set out in the ANS CR Annual Plan, are regulary met. These objectives are primarily focused on improving the maturity level within individual areas of IMS in accordance with the ANS CR Business Plan.

Safety Management System Performance

According to European legislation, safety is one of the key areas of performance monitoring. The year 2020 was the first year of the third reference period (RP3, from 2020 to 2024), for which the minimum level of safety management performance has been set; this has to be achieved by ANS providers, certified for this area of business.


Ensuring sustainable development of air navigation services while minimising any adverse impact on the environment is one of the priorities of our company. ANS CR takes the environment into consideration in all of its activities. It uses operational concepts which reduce the negative impact on the environment and approaches the facility management intending to prevent environmental pollution and reduce the use of non-renewable raw materials and energy sources without compromising the safety and continuity of air navigation services.

Security and Information Security

The practical implementation of the Security management system (SeMS) was significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis influenced namely the area of cybersecurity, where special measures had to be adopted due to the large scale utilisation of the home office. In accordance with the provisions of the National Quality Management Program, ANS CR conducted large scope of prescribed control activities aimed at assuring that implemented security measures were working smoothly and efficiently. Security audits, inspections and penetration tests were aimed at the measures in the areas of air navigation services provider, known supplier of airport supplies and corporate security.